My research interests range from Combinatorial Optimization and Extremal Combinatorics to Formal Verification and Distributed Computing.  I also have a strong interest in algorithmic solutions to real-world problems. Google Scholar Profile

Preprints & Publications

D. Flocco, J. Pulaj, C. Yerger. Automating Weight Function Generation for Graph Pebbling, submitted. preprint

T. R. Cameron, S. Charmot, J. Pulaj. Diameter Polytopes of Feasible Binary Programs. arXiv:2008.06844 

S. Thomas, A. Hayne, J. Pulaj, H. Mendes. Using Skip Graphs for Increased NUMA Locality, to appear in Journal of Parallel and Distrubuted Computing, 2022. arXiv:1902.06891v5

L. Eifler, A. Gleixner, J. Pulaj. A Safe Computational Framework for Integer Programming applied to Chvatal’s Conjecture, to appear in ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 2022. arXiv:1809.01572v2

T. R. Cameron, S. Charmot, J. Pulaj. On the Linear Ordering Problem and the Rankability of Data, Foundations of Data Science, 3(2): 133-149, 2021. arXiv:2104.05816

J. Pulaj. Characterizing 3-sets in Union-Closed Families, Experimental Mathematics, 1-12, 2021. arXiv:1903.02317

S. Thomas, A. Hayne, J. Pulaj, H. Mendes. Using Skip Graphs for Increased NUMA Locality, 2020 IEEE 32nd International Conference on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC -PAD). arXiv:1902.06891v5

J. Pulaj. Cutting Planes for Families Implying Frankl’s Conjecture, Mathematics of Computation, Volume 89, pp. 829-857, 2020. arXiv:1702.05947v2

F. D’Andreagiovanni, F. Mett, A. Nardin, J. Pulaj. Integrating LP-guided variable fixing with MIP heuristics in the robust design of hybrid wired-wireless FTTx access networks, Applied Soft Computing, Vol. 61, pp. 1074-1087, 2017. PDF Download

J. Pulaj, A. Raymond, D. Theis. A New Conjecture for Union-Closed Families, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 23, Number 3 (2016), P3.23. arXiv:1512.00083v2

F. D’Andreagiovanni, F. Mett, J. Pulaj. Towards the Integration of Power-Indexed Formulations in Multi-Architecture Connected Facility Location Problems for the Optimal Design of Hybrid FiberWireless Access Networks, Proc. of the 5th Student Conference on Operational Research (SCOR 2016), OASIcs, Schloss Dagstuhl. DROPS

F. D’Andreagiovanni, F. Mett, J. Pulaj. An (MI)LP-based Primal Heuristic for 3-Architecture Connected Facility Location in Urban Access Network Designs, Proc. of EvoStar – EvoApplications 2016, Vol. 9597, pp. 283-298, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2016. Nominated for Best Paper AwardarXiv:1512.09354v3

F. D’Andreagiovanni, J. Krolikowski, J. Pulaj. A fast hybrid primal heuristic for Multiband Robust Capacitated Network Design with Multiple Time Periods, Applied Soft Computing, Volume 26, pp. 497-507, 2015. arXiv:1410.5850v2

F. D’Andreagiovanni, J. Krolikowski, J. Pulaj. A hybrid primal heuristic for Robust Multiperiod Network Design, Applications of Evolutionary Computation, LNCS 8602, pp. 15-26, DOI:10.1007/978-3-662-45523-4 2, 2014. EvoStar – EvoComNet Best Paper Award, arXiv:1704.06847